Knowing Your Employee by a Personal Background Check

Knowing Your Employee by a Personal Background Check

In hiring potential employees for your company, do you feel that you have learned enough about an applicant just by looking at him or his resume?

Probably not.

So how do you get to know him on a more personal vein?

The answer is to conduct a personal background check on your applicants. The main purpose for doing this kind of investigation is to feel out an applicant’s personality.

Taking down and verifying the personal and professional reference given by the applicants in their resume is a good start. However, when checking out about personal matters, authorities in the investigative field offer a fair warning to employers that they need not depend solely on this method.

As mentioned, it is a good start. Your investigations need not end there.

In most cases, applicants have a list of people who can give a positive character reference for them. However, the applicants trust the people in the list to give them a nice recommendation, once checked out.

Though the information from these reference persons may not be fabricated, they may not know any pertinent information about the applicant they are giving referral for.

Here are other methods you can use in obtaining a personal background check of an applicant.

Credit report – employers can obtain a credit report of the prospective employee.

Most probably, an applicant has opened several different types of credit accounts. You can determine what account your applicant has open and his or her history of paying bills. You may get to know if they pay bills on time or a history of getting bankrupt.

Just by finding out this fact, indicate how responsible an applicant could be once he became an employee.

To delve deeper into the background check, you can draw a parallel of the credit history, job performance and retention of the employee on previous employment.

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